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The Humble Tupperware Container

It’s a bowl…

It’s a plate…

It can carry your packed lunch the next day!

You’ve already got one!

Instead of spending $15.95 for a titanium bowl so you can feel super cool bragging about it, why not bring The Humble Tupperware Container (or its sister, The Humble Rubbermaid Container) along on your bike trip?

Tupperware containers can still carry some bragging rights. When Bill got his vintage Tupperware out on our recent bike trip to the Oregon coast, we reminisced about how long the stuff had been around. Most families in the 80s had the very vintage he did.

My Humble Rubbermaid Container was procured when I went to Lewis and Clark College. I rescued it from being trashed when it remained unclaimed at the end of the school year. It has served me faithfully for more than a decade.

This isn’t to say I always advocate for the cheapest option—I’ve definitely spent some money on nicer things when I was certain the purchase would be worth it. But I’ve seen gearheads literally bankrupt themselves trying out new products. Because they’ve gotta have the new French press that’s also a tire lever, pipe wrench, ice axe, thermal blanket, and GPS unit. Whereas I’m the person who bought a mid-90’s (approximately) REI tent for $10 a couple years ago, and am still pretty happy with it.

Above all else, do what works for you. Get that titanium bowl if you dislike leaching plastics. Know though, that what works for you doesn’t necessarily require you to purchase a whole bunch of fancy-pants gear. Unless it’s more important for you to be a show-off…


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