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Cross Crusade Opener at Alpenrose

Atticus and I had a fever, and the only prescription was Cross Crusade!

We have often enjoyed going to Alpenrose each fall for the season opener of Cross Crusade. Supposedly the world’s largest single-day cyclocross event, it’s a great place to bump into tons of cyclists I know, enjoy the more unusual competitors, and get to bring Atticus along for some bikey fun. He enjoys being around so many people, taking it all in, and howling racers to victory.

On Sunday we were lucky enough to steal away to catch the show!

In the morning I was working on a baking project, so I missed two of my favorite categories—beginners and clydesdales. Over the years I’ve usually known more people in the beginners race than any other category—but since I haven’t been around for a few years, that may not have been the case this time. Clydesdales are male racers who are heavier than your typical bike racer. In the opinion of this spectator, these guys are way more interesting to watch, second only to the Athenas in sheer awesomeness.

When we arrived in the afternoon there was still plenty of action to be found. I navigated to an out-of-the-way spot that would provide photo ops for me and shade for Atticus. The course was particularly long and tricky this year, and we ended up on the south end of the velodrome atop a hill, near a hairpin turn involving gravel, sand, and grass. Not long after we arrived, I saw one Category A racer totally bite it on the unassuming sand patch right next to us.

The bulk of familiar racers we saw were from Team Slow. Originally I had planned to race with them when I came back from Canada, but many things made that prospect impossible when I returned. It was still nice to say hello and take some photos as they zipped by.

One of these days I will try cyclocross. In fact, I have my eye on a team and a gleam in my eye—all I need is the right bike…

See more photos from the Cross Crusade opener here.

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