Featured on BikeOvernights, Still in Cahoots with Adventure Cycling Association

Earlier this week, a modified version of my post about bike tripping to Champoeg State Park was featured on the BikeOvernights blog, one of Adventure Cycling Association’s many websites.

I’m also in cahoots with them to write a few posts for the main Adventure Cycling blog over the next year. I’ve already got an idea for the first one! Watch this blog for links as those are published.

The evening after the BikeOvernights story ran, Adventure Cycling organized a get-together in downtown Portland. The routes and mapping team was in town for the NACIS annual meeting, so they gave attendees an hour-long presentation about their work–including their current bear of a project, the multi-year conversion to GIS. I volunteered to bake vast amounts of cookies for attendees, and a swell time was had by all in attendance.

In related news, my friends Sarah and Josh recently wrapped up their six-month bike trip from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Mexico (documented on Real Big Fun). They both used to work at Adventure Cycling, but got engaged and quit their jobs to do this trip. It took them about five months! This is their end-of-trip photo, and speaks volumes about them. I adore them both, and hope to steal away to Missoula to visit them soon!

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