Allstate and Cyclists: Boo-urns

This evening I was eating dinner within earshot of a radio, and heard the most awful Allstate commercial. It featured “Mayhem,” played by Dean Winters, spouting a monologue about being that nasty fixed-gear cyclist who intentionally damages your car and makes you get into a wreck after you’ve gotten into the bike lane. Boy did I have a different perspective on that scenario, having been almost run off the road (intentionally) several years ago in Gresham.

At any rate, the bikes vs. cars mentality was coming through loud and clear—which doesn’t seem very helpful in keeping anyone safe.

I’ve yet to find a copy of the radio commercial on the internet (how convenient!), but did find this on a road bike forum, an image which was posted on the official “Mayhem” Facebook page in October of last year.

Allstate insures my car, and this begs me to question an assumption I’ve made. Many (but not all) car insurance policies also cover you when riding your bike—if Allstate is so anti-bike, what does this mean for me if/when I have a serious crash on Sweetpea, who I arguably use more than my car?

Even more disappointing, Dean Winters has said “when there’s not 10 feet of snow” in New York City he bikes to get around (photos). Actors are bound to their contracts, though, I suppose.

Have you heard this commercial? Anyone have a link to an online copy? And can we say a collective UGH?

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