How To Get Super Strong Women

One of the things I really love about Montana Dirt Girls is the group’s dedication to cultivating and supporting women on bikes. What this meant is that when I rode with them last summer, a wide variety of skill levels were in attendance.

In the front, more experienced mountain bikers forged ahead so they could tackle the whole 16-mile round trip before dark. In the back, I rode with a woman who was relatively new to cycling in general. We became instant bike buddies, getting to know each other and supporting each other through our physical challenges (I was borrowing a bike that didn’t fit right and was killing my lower back, she had done a challenging road ride two days previously and was still a little sore.)

Even though I’m no longer in Missoula, I’ve kept my subscription to the Montana Dirt Girls’ email list—they’re that fabulous. In yesterday’s newsletter, the weekly ride announcement was accompanied by a fun tip thought up by a participant:

Melissa, one of our Dirt Girls, created this acronym to help herself remember all the items to bring on a ride. Thought I’d share it with all of you:
How       (helmet)
To         (tools)
Get        (gloves)
Super     (shoes)  
Strong    (sunglasses)
Women   (water)
HECK YEAH! Who couldn’t get behind that mnemonic? Who else would like some of that pro-female, mutually supportive regardless-of-skill-level energy exported to Portland?

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