Taking the Lane Profile on Heidi Beierle

Just finished writing a guest post for Elly Blue over at Taking the Lane! It’s a profile of Heidi Beierle, a woman who did her master’s thesis about the economic impact of bike tourism on rural economies.

Check it out!



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4 responses to “Taking the Lane Profile on Heidi Beierle

  1. I am reading Heidi’s work right now! I saw your guest Edit on Elly’s blog (her & Ellee are going to be doing workshops at Velo Village (http://velovillage.ca) this summer on Salt Spring. We’re holding a celebration of rural cycling that includes a Cycling & Rural Mobility Conference. If it’s possible to connect Heidi with me, that would be great!


    • Hey John, I’ll email you her contact info. I do know that she just got a gig for the summer though, in Oklahoma… But incidentally, my ex-landlords from BC have a cabin on Salt Spring, and I told them about the event as soon as I heard!

      • Very cool! (nice sheep). So many connections…there’s a group in Portland that’s organizing a car pool and we’ve got this amazing pART project with SRAM, were local artists are making art from bike parts and then auctioning off the art to buy bikes for World bicycle relief – nice connection between our rural world and rural places all over. Hey, you should come…didn’t Elly say you were at SFU?

      • I am still a student at SFU, but I’m back in Portland now finishing up my thesis! Hopefully I will be employed by this summer, my bank account could use it.

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