Portrait of a Disheveled Intern

Sunday evening the water heater in my house died. I made the discovery Monday morning, when my attempts to take a shower were thwarted by the complete lack of even lukewarm water. After trying to troubleshoot the problem, I looked at the time and resigned myself to having a braids day.

The problem hadn’t been resolved by this morning. But I couldn’t suffer another day! So I packed up soap, conditioner, deodorant, a towel, and other shower supplies in one pannier, and a set of clean clothes in the other (just in case the soap tried to mess up my work wear). After zipping up my rain jacket, strapping on my messenger bag, and fastening my helmet, I was on my way to work a half-hour early.

When I arrived I felt sheepish about my grimy hair, wearing yesterday’s pants, sporting unsubtle and uncoordinated colors, and carrying way too much stuff for a one mile trip to the office. Of course as luck would have it, the office shower was already in use. I started walking toward my desk to put down my messenger bag and kill some time.

It was at this point—and you’d understand if you had met him that it could only be at this point—that ACA co-founder Greg Siple walked up behind me and wanted to take one of his cyclists portraits of me. With all the gear and everything. Despite the fact that I am not a touring cyclist—just an extremely overpacked intern.

But I had some time to kill before the shower was free, so I agreed. While I refastened my panniers, unlocked Sweetpea and wheeled her around to the back of the building, Greg started unfurling the backdrop he uses for these portraits, taken in front of the loading dock of the building. Normally he does portraits during the afternoon when the sun is positioned better, but mine was done on a very gray, almost drizzly, morning.

Hey. I’m an Oregonian. We do things in the rain.



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4 responses to “Portrait of a Disheveled Intern

  1. So, where is this portrait?

  2. Even though my internship is over I still don’t have a legitimate copy, but I have a promise that I’ll get one. In the meantime though, here’s a preview, embellished by Greg… http://t.co/HTMULJ3

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