Gettin’ Ready for Montana

This morning’s trip to REI resulted, rather unexpectedly, in acquisition of a pair of Keen cycling sandals (Keen’s waterproof shoes are a favorite) and a Yakima rack for my bikes. This was all in preparation for next Monday-ish, when I’m planning to head out* for Heather’s Walkabout II: Ridin’ and Sangin’ in Montana.

I’ll be spending my summer with the publications department of the Adventure Cycling Association, being the awesomest intern in all of Montana. When I’m not on the job, I’ll either be riding my bike, taking Atticus to the enormous park with a creek next door or climbing the mountain across the street(!), researching for my thesis-like project report for my graduate program, or something else that will send me hurling toward nirvana.

*=For those of you playing the home game: less than 48 hours ago I left Vancouver BC for Portland OR, where I stuck almost everything I own in storage about 24 hours ago. The past few weeks have been hectic indeed.


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2 responses to “Gettin’ Ready for Montana

  1. I’m curious about how those sandals work out. SPD I assume?

    • They are SPD compatible, but I’m a platform pedal sorta gal. So far I love them! They’re comfortable, look great, and I think they’ll do a great job of keeping my feet happy when it’s 100°+ in July and August. Last night after I had been wearing them for about eight hours, I started feeling a little rubbing on the side of my foot, but this morning it’s fine, and I imagine it’ll be a non-issue once the shoes wear in more.

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