Extreme Mormons!

I’ve wondered for years why Mormon missionaries have never been hooked into the bike advocacy movement. The missionaries I’ve always seen around my suburban neighborhood have seemed extremely brave to me, traveling on roads with aggressive drivers and no bike lanes—all to visit infirm churchgoers, people who haven’t come to church for a while, and others who might be sympathetic to their cause. (On summer days, wearing black pants. That’s dedication!)

It seems like nailing the Mormon missionary segment may be a way to increase support for cycling among conservative types. Where’s the hangup? Has the League of American Bicyclists not thought about this opportunity? Or have the elders in Salt Lake been so unsympathetic to what is seen as an environmental cause that they are willing to turn the other cheek to the safety of those who have dedicated years of their life in service of the church?

What do you think?


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One response to “Extreme Mormons!

  1. heathyr

    I’d watch it. The problem is, they’re pitching the idea to “Utah Mormons,” the subset of Mormons who are more concerned with image than…well…there’s something besides keeping up with the Smiths?

    And not to be picky, but they’re pitching the movie idea to a film company. Not the Elders of the LDS Church. A film company that is not affiliated with Church organization. I’ve worked at the LDS Motion Picture Studio (granted, I was scrubbing toilets) and the official arm of the Church that produces film does the stuff you see advertised that you can order. They don’t do commercial movies.

    A fuller discussion on LDS doctrines and environmentalism would, unfortunately, have to wait until another day. I would have to gather information and sources and put it together intelligibly and I just don’t think it’s going to happen tonight. 🙂

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