What is Good Bike PR?

…letters to the editor printed in newspapers indicate that some other road users and pedestrians are becoming increasingly irritated by the dangerous riding habits and discourtesy of a few cyclists. In order to curb this growing hostility, we must act positively to build and maintain goodwill among cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers. We make this appeal to our readers: please ride with consideration toward others.

Jean and Norman Cousins, Easy Cycling Around Vancouver

When I refer to Good Bike PR, this is the sort of thing I’m usually talking about. Perhaps I’m sure there’s no oncoming traffic so I could safely run that stop sign, but maybe a nearby pedestrian will see the move and think ill of all cyclists because of it moving forward. I stop. Or maybe I’ll stop in the middle of a block for a crossing pedestrian, even though they’re not crossing legally.

A perception by non-cyclists that we are all inconsiderate to others can impact us greatly. If you ever find yourself in court, or advocating for better bike infrastructure, you may come up against mental blocks against cyclists which could have direct consequences on the outcome of your situation. By being extra polite on the road, you start chipping away at people’s previous negative experiences. It’s a small, everyday piece of advocacy that many cyclists forget to consider.

Good Bike PR: Think About It.


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One response to “What is Good Bike PR?

  1. fool

    hear, hear!

    if only we could find more forums where we weren’t preaching to the choir about this. or if the “sinners” were more receptive to our cause (i suspect that the majority of scofflaws aren’t the least bit interested in bike advocacy, despite the fact that it would totally help them out in the long term.)

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